Natural Soaps

Wash the natural way, with our artisanal soaps

Our soaps are made entirely by hand so as not to alter the precious qualities of the olive oil and medicinal plant extracts. They are made using the cold method, with a long air-aging period of 60 to 120 days. This ensures that our soaps are gentle and delicate on your skin and cleanse it without altering the hydrolipidic balance.

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Acne Treatment

Complete line of specific products for acne treatment

All products contain 100% thermal water from the Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi on the island of Ischia.

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Eaux de Parfum

The most aromatic flowers and plants combined with water from Nitrodi to create the scent of a nymph!

Scented waters have a long history. Our grandmothers made them on special occasions using the finest garden plants: roses, jasmine, hollyhocks, and lavender. We have revived this ancient recipe, giving it a little something extra: thermal water from the Nitrodi springs. Delicate and suitable for all skin types, Yale, Eden, Zenith, and Nadir are the four exclusive fragrances of Ninfe di Nitrodi springs.

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Fonte Ninfe Nitrodi Line

Ninfe di Nitrodi Springs: wrap your body in the marine scents of the Mediterranean

All products from the Ninfe Nitrodi line are natural and biocompatible, essential qualities for restoring not only beauty and health, but also the most genuine emotions that a cream, a cosmetic mud, or a perfume can elicit. Inspired by the Mediterranean and the ancient cultures of the sea, these products evoke the forces of nature: sun, fire, and volcanoes, as well as the moon, water, and plants.

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Spaeh Whitetherapy Line

Oriental-Mediterranean atmospheres, limitless well-being from the skin to the heart

The products in the Spaeh Whiterapy line are luxurious creams, perfumes, and elixirs designed to instil harmonious wellness that unites body and mind. While the extraordinary active ingredients from Nitrodi's water and plants, which make up the formula of this line, take care of your skin, the extraordinary scents stolen from Mediterranean essences will take your mind on a journey.

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Spaeh Line

The secret of the Nymphs' beauty encapsulated in the Spaeh line products

The cosmeceutical products in the Spaeh line are much more than just cosmetics; their effectiveness is derived from blending active ingredients from Mediterranean healing plants with water from the Nitrodi springs, which has been used for skin care and beauty treatments for millennia. Our products do not contain parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, lanolin, silicone, SLS, or gluten.

Take care of your skin the natural way.

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Water Sprays

Always have a spritz of thermal well-being with you

The thermal water from the Ninfe Nitrodi springs and all its healing properties are encapsulated in a practical spray bottle, available both unflavoured and flavoured with rosemary. The thermal water spray can be used to treat skin problems, to soothe skin irritation caused by external agents, after shaving, to moisturise the skin, or just for a breath of freshness.

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Psoriasis and Dermatitis Treatment

A line of products designed to assist psoriasis and dermatitis sufferers at a special price!

The treatment is totally natural and is, therefore, free from side effects.

All products contain 100% thermal water from the Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi on the island of Ischia.

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The Helix of Beauty

Anti-ageing and anti-acne treatment with snail slime

Rich in vitamins, collagen and elastin, snail slime is naturally rich in beneficial properties for your skin. The discovery of these important properties contained in snail slime is the result of research that places ever greater emphasis on creating beauty products that are both natural and effective.


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Special Deals

  • Acne Treatment

    Acne Treatment

    Cream, mask, soap and spray water for acne treatment

    74.00€ 67.00€

  • Psoriasis and Dermatitis Treatment

    Psoriasis and Dermatitis Treatment

    Cream, shampoo, oil and spray water to support psoriasis and dermatitis

    72.00€ 65.00€

  • 100% Nitrodi Spring Water

    The benefits of the waters at your fingertips

    All Ischia Spaeh products are made exclusively with spring water from the Ninfe Nitrodi springs and products on the island of Ischia.