Acne Treatment

Complete line of specific products for acne treatment

All products contain 100% thermal water from the Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi on the island of Ischia.

Acne Treatment

In youth, Acne is a highly-feared skin disease, especially because of the possible scarring consequences to the face. Constitutional and hormonal triggering factors favour the activation of inflammatory and keratogenic processes, in particular hyperkeratosis, sebum hypersecretion and subsequent bacterial colonisation.

Since ancient times, sulphur, an element naturally present in the thermal waters of Nitrodi, has been used to contain and combat this complex dermatosis.

The antiseborric action activated by Sulphur (sulphur ions) inhibits the process of sebaceous cell diferentiation thereby inhibiting holographic production. In addition, there is a lack of oxygen on the surface of the skin, as a result this is a hostile environment for the multiplication of microbial flora, thus blocking the inevitable inflammation.

Besides the therapeutic action of Nitrodi's thermal water, we have completed a treatment with specific, high-quality dermocosmetic products, studying them for a sustainable, natural solution to the aesthetic problems caused by acne.

A line of four products purposefully formulated for treating acne, studied by the Environmental Research Centre:

Snail Saliva Acne Cream - "Helixia" suitable for skin with acne.
Nitrodi Water for its antioxidant, softening and soothing action, suitable for sensitive skin.
Purifying Mask to remove impurities and excess sebum from the skin without drying it out.
Sulphur Soap particularly suitable for skin with acne